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A few weeks ago we told you about the plans to make a documentary about Hardware Rivals and it’s predecessor Hardware Online Arena. Thanks to all the positive reactions we decided to start researching both games. Information is sparce. You find snippets here and there online. But putting them together though gives us already a nice foundation to build upon and go into more detail of the aspects of both games. Sources we checked are the Playstation websites and forums, Wikipedia and other Wiki-pages about the games, reviews and Social Media.

Hardware Rivals is the game that make me buy my first Playstation and brought me back to the world of gaming after more than a decade. (DanubianKnight)

To get the project really started we decided we need a promo-video for this project. The styling and story-arc are already in our heads and we have 2 good pieces of music to go with it. We are in need of some more information about the games and we want to put some quotes of people in the promo video. That’s why we asked players to be interviewed over the phone or Skype and that brought us a list of 20 players already who want to help out. These interviews will start this week. Questions will be in English but you can answer in your own language if it doesn’t work in English.

As soon as we have enough quotes and information out of these interviews we will start editing the promo video. If all gets well we’ll railgun it online in september. This promo-video will also be used when we try to get in contact with developers of both games. We waited until now to do this because we want to show them that the train is running already, that we mean it and to showcase what we are capable of.

From then on it will be more research and research. If you want to help us out with this then don’t hesitate to offer your soul to this project 🙂 We will do our best to keep you up-to-date regularly on this website.