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Kunstproject Gemaaid

gemaaid Drone-fotografie en film 'Gemaaid': Een Kunstproject van Merijn Vrij. In 'Gemaaid' duikt kunstenaar Merijn Vrij diep in de uitdagingen van moderne grasteelt en de zoektocht naar een duurzaam landschap. Het project stelt kritische vragen: Kan de jonge boer...

Eelco Smit

Eelco Smit FILM in beeld (guestblog door Eelco Smit) In het kader van de tentoonstelling 'IN BEELD - het maakproces centraal', dat in 2023 werd georganiseerd door CBK Emmen, hebben Sjoerd en Vera in mijn atelier filmopnames gemaakt van mijn werkproces. Dit gebeurde in...


Marike Anker van MariCase kwam bij Up North met een simpele vraag: kunnen jullie me helpen aan een nieuwe website die mijn liefde voor Italië en chocolade vastlegt? Typisch een project dat bij Up North past. Wij kregen de ruimte om ons uit te leven en zo ontstond een fantastische nieuwe website voor chocolade-importeur MariCase.

Documentary update 9 – First visual and audio tests

Winter is coming and we’re working on the documentary again. Listening to all the audio-files, watching all footage we shot from start to end and trying to find the right overall look for the videos.

Documentary update 8 – Liverpool

Liverpool!, the city of Scousers, The Beatles, Merseybeat, some football clubs and ofcourse Hardware Rivals. A few days ago we arrived in Liverpool to do some filming for the documentary. The main event for me had to be meeting Darren Douglas. The artist who worked on a lot of games and comics I loved through the years. Games like WipeOut and Hardware Rivals, and comics like Judge Dredd for the publisher 2000AD. Also being about the same age would have us recollecting a lot of childhood memories about movies, tv-series and videogames.

Documentary update 7 – Carrying stuff (by Vera)

Cases full of film or light stands and bags full of cameras, lenses, microphones and cables.

Sjoerd Banga and I travel for a week through Ireland and England with 30 kilos of luggage each. Now I hear you thinking “30 kilos!”. Yes, 30 kilos. We each have a large suitcase weighing 20 kilos and a backpack of another 10 kilos, and no these are not all clothes.

Documentary update 6 – Ireland

A few days ago we arrived in Dublin to meet the first developer for our documentary, Andrew Phelan, who worked on projects like Half-Life, WipeOut, Motorstorm, Total War: Warhammer, Formula one and Hardware Rivals). For me it was the first time in Dublin, so on day 1 Andrew and his wife showed us around while having perfect blue sky weather. This was ofcourse also a great way to get to know each other better.

Documentary Update 5 – We’re off to Ireland, then England! (by Vera)

In early February Sjoerd and I will cross the North Sea together to do some filming for a documentary. This fantastic documentary is about the passion for playing and building video games, and about one game in particular. Hardware Rivals!

Because we would like to make more documentaries, Sjoerd and I decided to make a documentary about a subject that is close to us each.

Documentary update 4 – A big thank you!

The crazy idea to try and make a documentary about Hardware Rivals and it’s predecessor Hardware Online Arena. It got us in contact with lots of players from all over the globe who we never talked to before. It almost looks like an excuse to share our experiences with the game we love so much. So, thank you for letting us interview you all. 

Documentary update 3 – Sony says Yes!

It was exactly 4 weeks ago when we started trying to get in contact with the developers of Hardware Rivals and tell them about our plans for a documentary about Hardware Rivals and it’s predecessor Hardware Online Arena. The project intrigued a lot of them immediately, so we all had to find a way to let Sony give them permission to be interviewed by us.