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As you all know, the last few weeks we have been doing interviews with several players for our documentary about Hardware Rivals and it’s predecessor Hardware Online Arena. Sharing experiences about a game you all love made these interviews very helpfull for us and a joy to do. The quotes will be used for the promo we’ve been working on and this week we’ve been able to make a first version that we premiered first to the people who helped us.

I learned about Hardware Rivals playing it on my friend’s (Raouf-ly) Playstation and I actually bought the game before I bought my own PS4. (Anwyra)

Tot put the ‘global’ atmosphere in the movie we interviewed people using the phone, Skype and Playstation Network audio chat mostly. 1 Player has already been interviewed on video at his home. For that recording we had to edit the audio to give it the ‘phone call’ sound. I wonder if you can hear which one that is. Because not every gamer has Skype we now made a nice setup for our sound-equipment so we can record the PSN audio chat very clearly in our studio.

The video was edited in Adobe Premiere and we used After Effects for the mid-section with the ’timeline’. Open captions have been added so everybody can understand the different dialects. The audio has been treated in Adobe Audition. That concisted of cleaning up background noise, pitch shifting and in general give the audio more body. Because we had to rush this first version we couldn’t put everybody yet in the promo.

I had no idea folk were so passionate about the game, it’s really exciting! We never seem to get this kind of feedback as a rule, this is a real treat, especially given it was a game I had such a good time working on. (Darren Douglas – Hardware Rivals Concept Artist)

The video truly came out as we hoped it would. It’s more a ‘feel’ movie and less a ‘watch’ movie. How nice some graphics can be it are the voices (in combination with the music) that gives the promo a positive energy. For variation we used short and long quotes and gave the music power at the right moment or let it come to rest when that was being asked for.

You can watch the first version here using the password you received.

Please let us know below what you think about the promo.