The crazy idea to try and make a documentary about Hardware Rivals and it’s predecessor Hardware Online Arena. It got us in contact with lots of players from all over the globe who we never talked to before. It almost looks like an excuse to share our experiences with the game we love so much. So, thank you for letting us interview you all. 

To show our appreciation we made a quick video with some quotes that came out of the interviews. Besides that we wanted to show you how the humble beginnings of a videogame’s artwork looks like. For that we added some concept art of Darren Douglas who worked on Hardware Rivals and who we also interviewed already.

Great games, great fun, great friends (Brajsonbol – Hardware Rivals bad motherfucker)

Although we are the ones who are making these video’s, we wanted to show you in this one that it is your voice that gives this project color. Enjoy 🙂