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Cases full of film or light stands and bags full of cameras, lenses, microphones and cables.

Sjoerd Banga and I travel for a week through Ireland and England with 30 kilos of luggage each. Now I hear you thinking “30 kilos!”. Yes, 30 kilos. We each have a large suitcase weighing 20 kilos and a backpack of another 10 kilos, and no these are not all clothes.

In addition to clothing, all equipment also includes what we need for making the documentary. Think of the big movie camera, my own photo camera, lenses, lamps, microphones, cables, chargers, batteries and much more.

In the first 2 days of our trip we have already been carrying a lot of things with us. On the plane, from the airport in the bus and from the bus stop to the hotel, from the hotel to the film location and back on the bus to the airport.

Our luggage at Schiphol airport

This does not seem like a lot of lugging, but I am convinced that I have already grown muscle balls. I even found out this morning that I have a blister on my hand. For Sjoerd it is also very heavy. He has a twisted ankle, Because he wanted to throw a snowball at me a while ago. This caused him to slip out. Very pathetic, but you just do not have to do that when you’ve been 50.

Fortunately for Sjoerd, his ankle and my blister are gradually losing weight. Things like gifts that we leave behind for the people we are going to film and body fat. Everyone happy 🙂